The Ink Spots

The Best Of The Ink Spots

1955   lp   Decca   DL 8154

Time Out For Tears

1956   lp   Decca   DL 8232

Torch Time

1958   lp   Decca   DL 8768

Sincerely Yours

1958   lp   Vocalion   VL 3606

The Ink Spots

1959   lp   Crown   CST 175

Golden Favorites

The “Original” Ink Spots

1962   lp   Decca   DL 74297

Lost In A Dream

1965   lp   Vocalion   VL 3725

Timeless Favorites

1965   lp   Suffolk   SMI 1-70 H

The Best Of The Ink Spots

1965   2lp   Decca   DXB 182

Greatest Hits 1939 – 1946 The Original Decca Recordings

1989   cd   MCA   MCAD-31347

The Beautiful Music Company Presents The Ink Spots

1991   cd   MCA   MSD-35253

Their Greatest Hits

1993   cd   MCA/Good Music Company   UKD 104-2

Their Greatest Hits & Finest Performances

The Original Ink Spots

1997   3cd   Reader’s Digest   3cd MSD3-37113